About Livpure Foundation

Livpure foundation is a non-sectarian, non-profit making and apolitical social service organization with Pan-India presence. We seek to enable every person to have access to adequate, affordable and safe water for drinking, cooking and other domestic needs on a sustainable basis. The Foundation was established in the year 2014 and registered under Trust Registration Act 1882 and also acts as an CSR arm of Livpure pvt.Ltd. The Livpure Foundation works as catalyst in policy advocacy, technological innovations and mobilization of communities on clean drinking water.

Our objective is to facilitate pure and safe drinking water in schools and communities in India and to spread awareness on water contamination and water conservation. We also work towards sensitizing communities about various water contaminations; chemical, bacteriological and physical impurities posing serious health risks. We enable communities to monitor and keep surveillance on their drinking water sources through various projects and initiatives. Livpure Foundation facilitate local entrepreneurship for promotion of self-sustaining models of drinking water supply on no profit no loss basis for needy families based in both rural and urban areas.