Sachin Tendulkar has pledged to fight against water borne diseases and has joined hands with Livpure Foundation, our CSR arm at the CSR Group. He was present at the launch of our new initiative, "Shuddh Paani, Swastha Bharat." Talking about the serious problem of water contamination across India, he said, "Since India has the highest mortality among children due to water-borne diseases, there is a need for the research institutions in the country to come up with brilliant initiatives to curb the diseases." The Cricket legend expressed his concern over the water-borne disease taking away so many young lives in India.

Luminous Water Technologies launched two new reverse osmosis products on this occasion. Mr. Rakesh Malhotra, founder of the SAR group, was also present there. Expressing his concerns over the abysmal situation of water problems in India, he said, "Access to safe drinking water on sustainable basis constitutes a fundamental and inalienable human right of every one in India."As part of the initiative, the foundation would focus on urban slums and various states including West Bengal, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. Livpure Foundation, our CSR group, has been established to bring into focus the critical problem of water contamination in India.