Our Organization


The Livpure Foundation seeks to enable every person to have access to adequate, affordable and safe water for drinking and other domestic needs.


Ensuring communities a healthy, productive and quality life through spreading awareness about safe drinking, protection and management of water quality and its sources.

Core Value
  • Accountability - to communities, to partners and each other

  • Partnership - at grassroots level, in development sector, with corporates and with Govt.

  • Transparency - in our work, our policies and our budget for projects.

  • Non - profit integrity in operations and compliances.

  • Responsiveness to all stakeholders.

Where We Are in India

We work with 3 NGOs/partners at the grassroots’ level to deal with safe drinking water issues. Our programs are currently active in the water stressed states of Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, and Odisha.

Our Guiding Principles
  • We seek to bring about meaningful, socially beneficial change in the fields in which we work.

  • We believe enabling communities to monitor and keep surveillance on their drinking water sources.

  • Sensitizing communities about various water contaminations; chemical, bacteriological and physical impurities posing serious health risks.

  • To sensitize communities and stakeholders about safe drinking water, its storage, water harvesting, source creation and protection and testing quality by using latest technologies.

  • To create synergy across all the relevant government departments, ministries, corporates and NGOs and civil societies for converging programs and services for water protection from source to tap.

  • To measure and monitor quality of potable water for communities, schools and insitutions.