Livpure foundation is a non-sectarian, non-profit making and apolitical social service organization with Pan-India presence. We seek to enable every person to have access to adequate, affordable and safe water for drinking, cooking and other domestic needs on a sustainable basis. The Foundation was established in the year 2014 and registered under Trust Registration Act 1882 and also acts as an CSR arm of Livpure Pvt.Ltd. The Livpure Foundation works as catalyst in policy advocacy, technological innovations and mobilization of communities on clean drinking water.

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Program Projects and Activities

Mobile Water Testing Laboratory

The Mobile Laboratory Project initiated by Livpure Foundation is a portable water testing laboratory water.

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Water Treatment Plants

Livepure Foundation has set up two (2) self-sustainable Community Water Treatment Plant.

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Iron Removal Plants

Livpure Foundation supported Oxfam India in implementing a Project which attempts to address

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Students Ambassador Program

Students Ambassadors Program (SAP) is a campaign led by Livpure Foundation in 2014

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Weight Loss

Pure water assists body in weight loss and removing various toxins.

Body Temperature

Body temperature (perspiration) is regulated by the amount of available water in our bodies.

Keeps Healthy

Safe drinking water reduces the risk of dreadful diseases like cancer, heart diseases, and prevents more than 80% of drivers of illnesses.

Calorie-free Nutrition

Water is a transport medium for the nutrients our bodies need.

Clean Body

Staying hydrated and drinking plenty of water helps to flush out wastes from our bodies.

Balances pH

Water also regulates the pH balance and supports a multitude of physiological processes.